The last Republican patriot, or the first?

Special counsel Robert Mueller laid out clear evidence of obstruction of justice in his report to Attorney General William Barr on the Russian intrusion into America’s 2016 election campaign, yet almost every Republicans in Congress refuses to hold President Trump accountable. That is, every Republican except Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan. If patriotism is love of country, and love is expressed not just in feelings but in acts of service, sacrifice or putting the country’s needs before your own, then Amash may be the last Republican patriot left in Congress.

Since assuming office, Donald Trump has insulted opponents, undermined international alliances and attacked American institutions. If a Democrat did those things, Republicans would scream bloody murder. But, despite AG Barr’s attempt to sugarcoat the Mueller report’s findings, the document lays out a pretty thorough case of obstruction of justice.

Mueller details 10 possible obstructive acts. Here are a few of the most salient:


Enjoy the 'summer of love,' Democrats


Even when you’re trailing behind, running for president is fun. Anybody who doesn’t believe that either doesn’t love politics or has never been out on the trail. There are parades and fairs, new friends and old reunions, intense drama and ridiculous comedy; but the fun begins to dissipate as the weather starts to cool and decisions get harder for voters and candidates alike. For candidates lagging behind, autumn will come in like a lion and they will leave the campaign like lambs.

Seemingly every week, new Democrats declare themselves for president. Many people fret, but why? The field is perfect. If only the Democrats could assemble their nominee like Voltron, bringing the best parts together in a single form. Democrats have candidates with outsider freshness, longtime experience, prosecutorial vigor, charming wit, leadership chops and big policy ideas.

But we don’t get to assemble our candidate like the perfect plate from a pu pu platter. Democrats will have to choose between imperfect choices. Experience makes outsiders wary of establishment conservatism. Youth and freshness worry older voters looking for stability. Big progressive ideas worry moderates in the market for a return to normalcy. Radical optimism and outsider thinking make partisan warriors wary of ideological mushiness.



Watergate prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste criticizes handling of Mueller report

Jamal interviewed former Watergate special prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste on Hill TV's "Rising" who said Robert Mueller's report on election meddling shows enough evidence to suggest President Trump intended to obstruct justice.

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