Mend capitalism, Don’t end it

In the fight for America’s future, ideologues are on the march. Right-wingers make jingoistic nationalist arguments with overt doses of white supremacy. Lefties flirt hard with Democratic socialism.…

Jamal Interviewed Nancy Pelosi on Leadership

From  In an exclusive interview with Hill.TV's Jamal Simmons, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the long-serving leader of Democrats in the House of Representatives, batted down the idea that she…

Sojourner Truth and the struggle for Black freedom

Women did it again. Scores of women won primaries in Texas on Tuesday and Democrats are poised to send the first two Latinas to Congress from the Lone Star state. This is just the latest in a string…

Talking to Soledad O’Brien about America after Trump

"Soledad O’Brien sits down with Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons and GOP strategist John Feehery for a discussion on where their parties go after the election and pitfalls they both face."  ……

2 days ago
Here’s a fun drinking game. Every time you think of/hear/read the name of a #Democratic operative/ad guy/media expert go to their firm “Team” or “About Us” page. Then drink every time you find a Black Partner or Principal. Oh wait - maybe that won’t be fun. #sober
2 days ago
Yes! Same experience with my 2+ yr old. He mouths “crah-kurs” to my wife.
4 days ago
Amy / @GAINPOWERORG - I think a pledge is what we need and some statement of principles or objectives as a part of the consulting firm hiring process. And frankly if a team shows up without any ppl of color - candidates should send them back.

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