Billionaire Tom Steyer talks Green New Deal, Mueller and Impeaching Trump

Tom Steyer takes on Trump again and again. He also wants to save the planet from the climate crisis.  

Charlamagne tha God on Anxiety, Therapy and Jay-Z

Big interview with Charlamagne. We dug deep on our own mental health journeys and why the Black community could stand more therapy. "The problem is just the lack of information and I think that we…

Jason Kander’s PTSD Honesty Will Help

Last July, I sat down for a conversation with Jason Kander at Third Way’s Opportunity 2020 conference in Columbus, Ohio. The Afghan war veteran had recently decided not to run for president,…

Planned Parenthood spokeswoman talks impact of efforts to rollback Obamacare.

Jamal talked to Alencia Johnson, director of public engagement at Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF), about the threat to abortion rights and the 60% of the nonprofit’s patients who rely on…

Omarosa speaks out about experience in Trump administration

  Omarosa Manigault Newman sat down with Hill.TV correspondent Jamal Simmons to discuss her time in the White House as one of President Trump's top aides.

2 days ago
Here’s a fun drinking game. Every time you think of/hear/read the name of a #Democratic operative/ad guy/media expert go to their firm “Team” or “About Us” page. Then drink every time you find a Black Partner or Principal. Oh wait - maybe that won’t be fun. #sober
2 days ago
Yes! Same experience with my 2+ yr old. He mouths “crah-kurs” to my wife.
4 days ago
Amy / @GAINPOWERORG - I think a pledge is what we need and some statement of principles or objectives as a part of the consulting firm hiring process. And frankly if a team shows up without any ppl of color - candidates should send them back.

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