Special counsel Robert Mueller laid out clear evidence of obstruction of justice in his report to Attorney General William Barr on the Russian intrusion into America’s 2016 election campaign, yet almost every Republicans in Congress refuses to hold President Trump accountable. That is, every Republican except Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan. If patriotism is love of country, and love is expressed not just in feelings but in acts of service, sacrifice or putting the country’s needs before your own, then Amash may be the last Republican patriot left in Congress.

Since assuming office, Donald Trump has insulted opponents, undermined international alliances and attacked American institutions. If a Democrat did those things, Republicans would scream bloody murder. But, despite AG Barr’s attempt to sugarcoat the Mueller report’s findings, the document lays out a pretty thorough case of obstruction of justice.

Mueller details 10 possible obstructive acts. Here are a few of the most salient: